By Christopher Go

JUNO in now on orbit in Jupiter.  Unfortunately it is currently stuck on a 54 day orbit due to some problems with it's thruster valves. 

All images were taken using a Celestron  C14  mounted on an Astrophysics AP900GTO mount.   I used a Celestron Skyris Protype Camera starting April 2016.  Images taken after March 30 were taken using a prototype Skyris camera.  RGB is done using a set of Chroma Technology RGB filters on a Starlight Xpress Motorized filter wheel.  Methane band images are done using a Chroma Methane Band filter (889nm  18nm bandpass).  UV images are done using a Astrodon UV filter.   Amplification is done using an Astrophysics Advance Convertible Barlow working at 2.0X.

Image acquisition was done using  Torsten Edelmann's Firecapture 2.5beta 64bit software.  All images are NORTH UP!   The Skyris  camera is controlled by a Thinkpad T530 through the USB 3.0 port.  Processing was done using AutoStakkert! and Registax.

These images were taken at Banilad,  Cebu City, Philippines. 

For more information on the names of various belts and zones of Jupiter and the meaning of the abbreviations I use please check the Sky and Telescope Jupiter Observing Guide.

All images of this site are my property.  If you wish to publish it on your site or print, please email me for permission.



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November 30, 2016 

I had a big scare last night.  We had a very strong gust and rain that almost toppled my C14/AP900!  I was out trying it keep it from falling.   Thinking about it now, it was a stupid thing to do but my system is ok.  When I woke up this morning the sky was surprisingly clear!  Seeing was however still unstable.   When I plugged my mount, it would not turn on!  Fortunately I had a spare power cable!

The GRS is at the CM and has a very strong red color.   Oval BA just passed the GRS and the red ring is distinct!  Note the complex rift on the NEB.  The NTB's red band is distinct.  Note the dark spot on the NNTZ.  This feature seem to be CH4 bright!

November 29, 2016 

Seeing was poor today.  

Ganymede's shadow is transiting.  The NTB has a distinct dark red color.   The NEB and SEB is quiet in this region.


November 28, 2016 

Seeing was much better this morning.  

The NTB has its reddish band restored.   The NTrZ has a yellowish color with dark streaks.  These are probably remnants of the outbreak last month.   The NEB is dark red but narrow in this region.   There are no outbreaks here.  The SEB is turbulent in this region.  The STB Spectre can be seen as the bluish streak at the CM.


November 21, 2016 

Condition was still unstable today.  Jupiter was around 40deg when I took these images.

The SEB has a very light shade.  The STB Ghost can be seen close to the CM in the first image.  This feature is very dark in CH4.

The NEB is dark and wide in this region.  Note the reddish NTB.

November 12, 2016 

Condition was poor today due to NW wind. 

The SEB is quiet in this region.   THe NEB is dark.  Not outbreaks here.   The NTB is dark.  

November 10, 2016 

Condition was much better today.  Finally able to get a decent color images of Jupiter.  Jupiter was around 30deg when I took these images.  My CH4 image did not turn out well because the sun rose when I took this image and part of the video had its background washed out!

The SEB is quiet in this image.  Note the bright feature at the mid-SEB at the CM.   The STB Spectre is the blue feature on the STB.  This feature is dark in CH4.  The NEB is dark red and narrow.  Io and it's shadow is on the NEB.   THE NTB still has the dark remnants of the outbreak that was seen last month.  This region is no longer bright in CH4.

October 30, 2016 

Here is an early start to the Jupiter season.  Seeing wasn't very good because Jupiter was less than 20deg above the horizon.

The GRS can be seen setting on the right.


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