By Christopher Go

A new Jupiter season has began.  I started imaging when Jupiter was less than 20deg above the horizon.  This year is an exciting year because New Horizons Pluto Express will visit Jupiter on February 2007.  Our team have been given 4 orbits of the Hubble Space Telescope to image the 2 red spots of Jupiter.

All images were taken using a Celestron C11 mounted on an AP900GTO mount.  A DMK 21BF04 camera was used.  RGB is done using a Homeyer Motorized filter wheel.

Image acquisition was done using IC Capture 2.0 and processing done with Registax V4.

These images were taken at Cebu City, Philippines. 

Last year, I discovered that the Oval BA turned RED!  Oval BA is now dubbed Red Spot Jr or Red Jr by some astronomers.   In connection with this, I have set up a website just for Red Jr.  Check out:


For more information on the names of various belts and zones of Jupiter and the meaning of the abbreviations I use please check the Sky and Telescope Jupiter Observing Guide.

Jupiter is currently in the midst of a global upheaval.  There are currently two South Tropical Distubances (STrD), a South Equatorial Disturances (SED), the SEB is both fading and reviving, the NTB has revived and there is currently a major outbreak at the SEB.

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C11 ready to rock!

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September 23, 2007

It had been cloudy for the past few weeks.  It was mostly cloudy today but I had a break in the clouds.  Jupiter is getting very low here.

Note the belt forming west of Red Jr.   SEBs is dark, in color in contrast with the SEBn.


September 7, 2007

Seeing was very good this evening. 

Note the FFR in the SSTB.  The south edge of the FFR is reddish!  Note also the right SSTB white spot.  There seems to be a small spot next to it.

The central part of the SEB is still white with some light blue features in it.  The EZ is still very busy.   The NEB is very busy with lots of rifts.


September 6, 2007

Seeing was variable this evening. 

STrD-2 is setting on the left while Red Jr is rising on the right.  The spot that started the SEB outbreak can be seen in this image.  It is now past STrD-2 and it is reviving the SEB.  The SED can be seen just before the CM.  It is still bluish and festoon like appearance.

There are some rift activity at the NEB.  The NTB is paler here than in the opposite area.  While the NNTB revival continues.


September 5, 2007

Another evening of excellent seeing.  This is the area after STrD-1 with the GRS rising in the images below.

The SEB revival has reached the GRS and is now even below it.  The huge cyclonic oval at the SSTB is still present.  It has grown big!  Note the small oval just south west of it.  Will this small oval merge into the big oval? 

The EZ is still very busy.  Note WSZ at the NEBn.  It is still a dark spot!  The NEB is very busy with a lot of rift activity.  The NTB is very dark red here.


September 4, 2007

Condition was excellent this evening.  I could only take a few shots because I have a meeting to attend.

The STC is very busy!  A lot of activity going on in this current.  Red Jr is still reddish but seems to be fading!  Is this due to the interaction with the dark material circulating on the STC?  Note the reddish spot on the south side of the STC just past the CM!  Also the dark spots and 2 spots (one white and one red) on the SEBs looks interesting!

The SSTB spots seems to have a reddish band on it's south side.  Is the SSTB reviving?

The SED has become very dark.  The EZ also has a lot of brightening especially at the NEB border.  The NNTB spot is really getting bigger as the NNTB revives.  There seems to be a lot of spots close to the NPR.


September 2, 2007

Seeing was good this evening. Sadly  transparency was poor because of haze and thin clouds.

This is the region between Red Jr. and the GRS.  Red Jr is setting on the left.  The region below it and around STrD-1 is very busy!  Note the huge FFR at the SSTB.  There is a reddish feature on the south side of the FFR.  Note also the bluish feature at the faded region of the SEB at the CM.

The EZ is still dull and reddish.  The NEB has a lot of rift activity at this region.    The NNTB is still reviving.


September 1, 2007

Condition was good this evening although early on seeing was unstable.  Here's the image from the GRS to Oval BA.  Basically the region of the SEB outbreak.

The SEB outbreak is still very busy.  What is left of STrD-2 is a hump on the SEBs.  Dark spots are visible on the SEBs headed towards STrD-1.  Note also the small red spot at the STrZ moving on the STrC.  There is also an interesting small reddish oval at the SEBn  between the GRS and STrD-2.

There is an interesting  bright dome shape feature at the EZn.  The NEB is quiet here save for a small rift.  The NTB had become dark red while note the dark red spots at the NNTB.


August 28, 2007

Lunar Eclipse night!  Conditions was ok but transparency was poor.  I stole a shot of Jupiter while imaging the moon.  My laptop is alive again. Thanks to laptopaid who got me a spare motherboard and Ivan of CBX for fixing everything!

The STrZ of Jupiter is very busy.  Note the reddish feature below Red Jr.  Red Jr is very pale!  Is it losing color?  STrD-1 is also very prominent.  The SED is below the STrD-1.

The EZ is still dark. The white spot at the NNTB seems to be growing!


August 24, 2007

Condition was poor this evening.  GRS is rising on the right.  The SEB revival has reached the GRS.   While the NTB is very prominent.


August 23, 2007

I had a meeting today so I was only able to steal a shot with Jove.   Seeing was very good but transparency was not good because of thin clouds.

The area below Red Jr is very busy.  Note teh dark blue feature at the SEBn which is really the SED. 

The EZ is still very muddy.  The NEB has a long rift.  While the NTB is dark red.


August 22, 2007

Condition was perfect this evening.  The GRS is transiting the Jovian disk.  Europa's shadow is at the NNTB.

There are many interesting things in Jupiter.  Note the bright yellowish streak at the STrZ preceding the GRS.  This feature seems to be emanating from the GRS!  Note also the bluish feature on the northwest of  the GRS. 

The projection from the SEBn to the GRS is also interesting.  Note the bright blue area on the STrZ following the GRS.  Is this the circulation for the STrD?  Note that STrD-2 has disappeared!!!

The EZ is still very busy and still reddish! The NEB is busy with a lot of rift activity while the NTB has become deep dark red.  Note the reddish streaks on the NNTB area.



August 21, 2007

Conditions were unsteady early in the evening but slowly got better.  Jupiter it so busy!

The S3TB has revived!  There is an interesting bright streak on the SSTB spots.

The area north Red Jr has a lot of dark red spots which is moving along the South Tropical Current.  STrD-1 is still very dark and prominent.    Note also the interesting bluish feature in the SEB.  

The SED is still active!    While the EZ is still reddish. 

Note the interesting feature at he NEBs below the SED!  This looks like an oval or a disturbance.  Below this feature is another interesting reddish feature just south of the NTB.

The NNTB is slowly reviving and it seems like the bright spot close it is involved in the revival.


August 13, 2007

Condition was good this evening.  Note the white oval forming at the STrZ at the CM surrounded by the STrZ circulation.

The NEB is quiet here while the NTB is calm.  The NNTB is reviving.  Note the bright feature at the edge of the reddish NNTB.


August 11, 2007

Conditions were perfect today!  I imaged with Tomio today.

This is the area around Oval BA and STrD-1.  Note the white spot around the dark spot that went through the STrD-1.   Note also the vortex like feature about to pass around STrD-1.

The white area in the middle of the SEB is very interesting.    Note also the small dark spot on the SEB in the image below.

The EZ is claming down.  The NEB is quiet while the NTB  has really revived.  The NNTB is reviving and it seems like that the white spot around is might be involved in the NNTB revival. 



August 10, 2007

Condition was terrible this evening.  Seeing was bad and transparency was poor. 

GRS is just  crossed the CM.  There seems to be some rift activity at the NEB while the NTB is very prominent.



August 4, 2007

It's been cloudy lately.  I was able to just get this image.  Condition was terrible as it was mostly  cloudy.

The SEB is still very busy and the dark spots are still moving around the STrD-1.  The white spot on the NNTB is very prominent and the NNTB is also reviving!


July 29, 2007

It was mostly cloudy this evening.  I was only able to steal a set of images during a small break in the clouds!  Transparency  was variable.

Here's an image of the GRS and the SEB outbreak. Note the white spot which caused the outbreak at the CM.  The SED is almost below the GRS.

Ganymede's shadow can be seen close to the NPR.  Note also the whitish feature to the west of Ganymede's shadow!


July 28, 2007

It was very cloudy this evening.  I had almost given up when the clouds thinned.  Transparency was still poor but seeing was fantastic. 

Here's the region between the GRS and Red Jr.  The SEB revival has gone past the STrD-1 and headed towards the GRS!!  The rest of the SEBs is stillvery pale and fading!

The EZ is still very dark and still extends to the SEBn.  The NEB is quiet here. But the dark streaks on the NEB is very interesting. The WSZ is very dark now.

Europa is the tiny white spot north of the NTB. 


July 26, 2007

It was mostly cloudy this evening.  But it cleared  and seeing was fantastic! 

Note the arc moving around the GRS!  Note also the bright streaks around the small SEB  red spot to the west of the GRS.  The blue feature below this small red spot is beginning to get darker.    Like Red Jr,  the GRS has turned yellow orange. The SED is now below the SED outbreak and headed towards the GRS!

The NEB is very busy while the NTB is very red.   The NNTB is also reviving.



July 24, 2007

It was mostly cloudy this evening but I was able to get some lucky breaks.

There are many interesting things around the GRS.  Note the bluish streak at the SEB northwest of the GRS.  I wonder what this feature is?  Is this part of the SEB outbreak?    It is also fascinating to see both the faded  and revived SEB at the same time!

The SED is now below the  SEB outbreak.  In fact , the main SED is fading!!  The SEB outbreak is still very busy.

 The bluish festoons at the EZ is getting pale.  The NEB has a lot of rift activity and it's color is getting deep red!  The NTB is also following the color of the NEB!  The NNTB seems to be also reviving!



July 23, 2007

Condition wasn't great this evening.  I had to image early Vicky and I had to go attend a party.

Red Jr is really fading.  It is now more orange than read.  The dark spots moving around the STrZ is stunning!  The SEB is really slowly reviving!

The NEB has become deep red while the NTB revival is almost complete!  Even the NNTB is reviving!   It is fascinating  to see the bright white spot around the NNTB. Jupiter's global upheaval continues.


July 22, 2007

Conditions were good this evening.

The SEB outbreak has really become very chaotic.  It seems like STrD-2 has been overrun but this outbreak and has almost disappeared.  The SED is now below the outbreak and has shrunk a lot  probably because is is being pushed north by the outbreak!  The GRS is very orange now.

The EZ is still pale.  Note the bright streaks on the EZ. The NEB is rather busy.  The NTB has turned dark red. The dark red spots on the NNTB looks interesting. 


July 21, 2007

The sky was mostly cloudy this evening.  Seeing was good though and I was able to scrape a few images.

The SEBs is very faded!!    Note the tiny white spot at  the western side of the  faded SEB.  Note  the dark bar at the S3TB.  A FFR is also visible at the SSTB between the white spots.  Note the bright area at the STB rising on the right.  It is also  interesting to note that the eastern half of the SEBn in this image has the same color as the EZ!!

The EZ is still very busy here with a lot of festoon activity.  The NEB is dark red.  The White Spot Z (WSZ) is still visible but it is more of a dark spot now than white.  The NTB is very bright red.  Europa's shadow is the dark spot north of the NTB.


July 20, 2007

Condition was excellent this evening.  Lost of activity in Jupiter in the area between the SEB outbreak and STrD-1.

The SED is approaching the SEB outbreak.  Should be there in the next few days.  The SEBs is very busy with a lot of dark spot activity.  These dark spots are going to STrD-1 where they make a U turn and go back to the GRS.  The huge dark spot that has just made a turn at STrD-1 is really very stunning!

Red Jr is very pale red now.  It has also occupied its entire hallow.

The NEB is very busy. While note the NNTB belt reviving just below the white spot in the image on the right.


July 19, 2007

Seeing was good this evening.  I just had to deal with tube currents on my  OTA.  Here are images of the GRS, STrD-2 and the SEB outbreak. 

The outbreak is still very busy!   Note the tiny red spot to the west of the GRS.  There seems to be some bright banding around it.    Note the "tail" end of the SED is now below the outbreak!

The EZ is still dark but the festoon activity seems to be slowing down.

The NEB is very busy here!  There are a lot of complex activity here.  The NTB is also very prominent!  Note the banding at the NNTB.


July 18, 2007

I had another perfect evening.  Sadly my notebook (Thinkpad) computer died and I had to borrow one from my sister.  It took some time to get my DMK to work so I was only able to image a few images.

Red Jr is setting in this image.  STrD-1 looks stunning with the dark spots from the SEB outbreak passing through it. 

The NEB looks quiet while the NTB  is still not completely revived.


July 17, 2007

Condition was very good this evening.  I was able to capture the SEB outbreak and it looks stunning.   The look of Jupiter has really changed especially the images below the GRS.  Note also that the left side of the GRS shows the faded SEB while the right side shows the revived SEB!!

The nice thing is that the SED is passing below this feature again!!  It will be interesting to see how both systems will interact in the next few days.  It is interesting to see the revival of the SEBs.  The STrD-2 is stil there but it seems to have been overrun by the outbreak.

There is an interesting double spot at the NEB embedded in a rift system.  Note the interesting red features at the NNTB.


July 16, 2007

Seeing was very good this evening.  But I had to deal with haze and thin clouds!  Transparency was bad.

The STrD-1 has really darkened!  The darkening is spreading beyond the STrD-1.  The SEB revival still continues!  The EZ seems to be starting to settling down after a violent year.

The WSZ is rising on the right at the NEBn.    The NTB revival still isn't complete.


July 14, 2007

Conditions were surprisingly good this evening.  It was mostly cloudy but I had some clearing to image ol Jove.

The GRS is almost at the CM in these  images.  Note that SEBs preceding the GRS has really faded while the one following it has darkened.  The SEB outbreak is still present.  STrD-2 can be seen rising on the right.

The NEB has an impressive rift.  This feature is associated with a disturbance at the EZn.  The NEB has become deep red can one can see the difference between the NEB and the NTB.


July 10, 2007

Condition was very poor this evening.  Transparency was very low and seeing was horrible!  This is the area between Red Jr and STrD-2.

The SEBs is very busy with a lot of dark features which were created by the SEB outbreak.   The SEB outbreak is still very busy.  STrD-2 is getting darker. The SED is the long bright feature at the SEBn. 

The NTB is very dark red but the NEB is darker.  Hoping for some better conditions soon.



July 9, 2007

Conditions were better this evening.  I was fortunate to catch Io and it's shadow as it transits on the NEB. 

The SEB is very pale at this region. The STrZ at this area is also very bright!

The EZ is still very dark.   The White Spot Z is also very dark!  It's hardly a white spot now.



July 8, 2007

Seeing was variable this evening.  But most important, I was able to capture STrD-1 and what used the be the dark spots on the SEBn created by the outbreak.   The SEBn and the STrD-1 has really darkened!

The SED can be seen at the end of the dark red bar at the middle of the SEB.  This disturbance is heading towards the SEB outbreak.  It should be interesting to see the clash of both disturbance in the coming week!

The NEB has really darkened.  This area is very quiet and with no rift activity!  Note also the NNTZ white spot.

More images later.  I currently have a huge backlog of unprocessed images so please bear with me.


July 7, 2007

Seeing was terrible today.  There are low pressure systems close by. 

The northeast side of the GRS is getting busy.  THe SEB outbreak has become complex.  The STrD-2 has darkened as it gets near the GRS.

The NEB has become deep red.  There is a color difference between the NTB and the NEB! 



July 3, 2007

Condition wasn't very good this evening.  I was forced to image early because of clouds!  but I have no regrets!

The SEBs in a mess.  The outbreak has really revived the SEBs but has also created a lot of dark features!  Note the oval white spot at the SEB at the heart of the outbreak (Left).

The SED tail has created the impression that the EZ has invaded the SEBn!  The EZn is getting darker and redder!

The NEB is busy here but the NTB has settled down!  Note the nice red NTB band.

July 2, 2007

It was mostly cloudy again today.  But it was clear around Jupiter's position.  Conditions started bad but improved as Jupiter got higher.

The GRS is very prominent in this image. The dark area to the east and south east of the GRS, that I imaged last week has grown!

The SEB outbreak is still complex and is still growing.  Hope to get a better view of this area tonight.  STrD-2 is rising in this image.  It looks to have darkened also like STrD-1.

The EZ/NEB interaction looks interesting.  The northern hemisphere of Jupiter seems to have settled down after the violent revival of the NTB last April.  Note also the WSZ in the image below.  It still is a very dark spot!

July 1, 2007

Weather had been terrible during the last few days.  It was mostly cloudy this evening but I got a break around Jupiter.  Seeing was not very good and transparency was only 3/5 because of thin clouds.

The SEB revival seems to be in full swing.  In fact , STrD-1 has darkened compared to what it was a few weeks ago!  SEBs is getting dark and it seems to be originating from the Outbreak!  The dark spots on the SEBs is really very interesting!

Red Jr is still red.  It's wake is very dark.  The SED is currently below the STrD-1.  The EZ is still a mess!

The NEB and NTB have the same color at this region.  Note the white spot at the NNTZ.


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