By Christopher Go

August - October 2009

October 31, 2009

Condition was variable this evening.  Transparency was very poor at the start of the session but it improved.  I had some problem the past few days.  My website was hacked!  I was able fix the problem.

Here's an image of Jupiter with the GRS setting.  The SEB is still fading.  Note the dark barges on the SEBs. 

The NEB is very chaotic!  Note the ovals on the NEBn and the outbreaks and rifts on the mid NEB.

Dark Callisto can also be seen in this image.  I had to enhance the image to  make it visible.  Note the contrast between Callisto and Io.


October 28, 2009

Condition was poor this evening. 

The GRS is rising.  The SEB is still fading.   The NEB is still very dark.  Note the dark red oval at the NEBn.


October 26, 2009

Condition was a little better this evening.  Seeing was still variable but transparency was good.

The GRS is still detached from the SEB.  The SEB has faded a lot.  Note the dark barges on the SEBs.   Is the feature below the GRS the SED?  Europa is transiting on the EZ it's the reddish spot on the EZn.

The NEB is very busy.  Note the large while oval and the complex outbreaks/rifts.  Note also the white spot close to  the NPR.


October 25, 2009

It was partially cloudy this evening.   Seeing and transparency wasn't  great. 

The SEB looks faded.  What is interesting is the red oval at the NTrZ.  This is the same oval I had pointed out a few months ago and it is now clear of NEB material  I wasn't able to get a methane band image because transparency was poor.  It would be interesting to see how this oval will develop.  Will it grow big like it's southern hemisphere cousin or will it become white again when the NEB recedes.


October 24, 2009

Seeing wasn't great this evening.  Our weather here is still affected by Typhoon Lupit.  This is my first image since the birth of my son.  Vincent Raphael was born early morning on Oct 13.  The past week has been stressful for Vicky and me.   But the little one is growing fast now!

The SEB has really faded.    Note the dark barges on the SEBn. The red ring of Oval BA is difficult to see due to the seeing.

The NEB is still very busy.  Note the white spot outbreaks on the NEB.

October 11, 2009

Seeing was okay this evening.  I wasn't able to cool my OTA so my images are a bit blurry.  Had to cut short my imaging session as my wife went into labor.  We're expecting a baby boy!

The SEB is still fading.  The NEB is very busy!  Note the huge dark oval at the NEBn.  Note the large white oval at the NNTZ.  This is the result of the merger of two ovals probably in the last 2 days.  Thanks to Damian Peach for the heads up on this object.


October 10, 2009

Typhoon/Tropical storm Parma has finally left the Philippines after 10 days of devastation in Northern Luzon.  Hundreds have died and entire regions have been flooded!

Seeing was better this evening.

Oval BA looks very pale.  It's red color is barely visible.  The SEB looks quiet and very faded.

The NEB looks very busy.  The NNTZ LRS looks very red.


October 5, 2009

Seeing was terrible this evening with Tropical Storm Parma affecting our region.  I'm back from my trip to the USA !

Oval BA can be seen rising in this image.  The SEB is still fading while the NEB is still very busy.


September 1, 2009

Seeing  bad this evening with transparency very variable.

Oval BA is very prominent in this image.  So also are the SSTB white ovals.  The SEB  looks quiet but the NEB has a lot of rift activity.  Note the NNTZ LRS below.

I will be travelling to the USA tomorrow.  So there will be no more images until at least  the 23rd of September.


August 31, 2009

Seeing  terrible this evening.  Transparency was also low.

The GRS is clearly separate from the SEB.  The SEBn is fading a lot with the EZ pushing into SEBn!

Io and her shadow are at the EZ.

The NEB is very busy with lost of red ovals in the north  and rift activity.


August 25, 2009

Seeing  was excellent this evening.  I spent about an hour cooling my OTA with my CAT Cooler  This gave me a better image quality!

The red ring of Oval BA is now very prominent after fading a few months ago! 

Note the dark streak on the SEBs.  Note that the activity of the EZ seem to be pushing into the southern half of the SEB.

The NEB is very well resolved and has a lot of activities.  Note the outbreak which is affecting the new large NTrZ oval!

There are a lot of red ovals on the northern Temperate area.  Note the huge NNTZ  Little Red Spot (LRS) which is also prominent in Methane Band!  Note also the little red ovals around the LRS.  Note that the NNTZ LRS is now fully RED compared to last year when it was just a red ring like Oval BA!

Lastly, dark Callisto is moving closer to Jupiter.  There are some prominent surface details resolved in my image.  I had to brighten up Callisto because it is so dark!

August 24, 2009

Seeing  was again variable this evening. 

The GRS is very prominent and clearly detached from the SEB.  The dark spot following the GRS is getting bigger!!  Note also the streaks from the EZ invading the SEBn.

The Wesley Impact Remnant is still visible at two diagonal dark streaks.  It is very low contrast now as it fades.

The NEB is very busy.  Note the complex rift.  Note the dark barge on the NTBn.  It is creating a streak towards the NNTB!

August 22, 2009

Seeing very variable today after a strong thunderstorm.  I was only able to scrape 2 images from the 1 hour session that I have.

The Wesley Impact Remnant is still visible and is in two diagonal lines.  The SEB is still very quiet.  Note the bright region on the EZ.   I have noticed these white regions on the EZ before.  I wonder what these are?

The NEB is very busy!  Note the 3 outbreak spots clearly visible including a pair right next to each other.  The rift system created by these spots is very complex.

The two dark barges on the NTBn are still very prominent.

August 20, 2009

Seeing was variable this evening.  But there were periods of very good seeing. 

Note the Wesley Impact Scar setting in the 13:33UT image.   The red ring of Oval BA is well resolved.  Note the numerous white spots on the southern hemisphere.  They show up well on the methane band image.

The NEB is very busy here.  Note the chaotic outbreak!  Note the small red spot on the NTBn and the large NNTZ red spots.  These spots are bright in methane band.

August 19, 2009

Seeing was good this evening but transparency was low because of clouds. 

The GRS is prominent in these images.  Note the SEBn just north of the GRS.  There are diagonal dark streaks extending from the EZ to the mid SEB!!  Is this the EZ "invasion" that happens during an SEB fade?

The NEB is very busy with a lot of dark and white spots.  Note the large white spot at the NNTB.

August 18, 2009

Condition was again variable this evening.  Seeing was good but I had to deal with clouds again!  But I was able to scrape a few images.

There are a lot of red ovals in this image.  There is Oval BA (aka Red Jr.).  There is also a red oval at the NNTB!  The white oval following BA has also grown large.  The only thing standing between the BA and this oval is what looks like small dark cyclonic oval!  Will both ovals merge?

The SEB is quiet but the NEB is very chaotic!  Note the outbreak spot.  There is also a huge spot at the NTrZ!!

August 17, 2009

Condition was variable this evening.  There were periods of good seeing but  there were also clouds.

The Wesley Impact remnant has faded a lot.  It is difficult to see now even on almost perfect conditions.

The SEB is very quiet.  While the NEB is very chaotic.  There are also a lot of activity on the EZ. 

August 16, 2009

Ever since the Hangzhou Eclipse disaster, I have been depressed.   I needed a turn around!  Playing with Winjupos, I found out that Io will have a shadow transit on Ganymede today.  After this transit, Io itself will transit the northern region of Ganymede!  This is a very rare event that I would not miss.

I woke up at around 11:30pm.  But the sky was overcast!  This isn't good.  I went back to bed and went back out around 12:00am.  There was a clearing around the area of Jupiter! The transit would start around 12:30 am local time.

Seeing was excellent this evening, but I still had to deal with some clouds in between.  Transparency was very variable!  Sadly I was not able to capture the start of the shadow transit because of the clouds.    But I was able to capture the rest of the event!  Below is the animation of this rare event!  Ganymede is well resolved with lots of albedo features.

While imaging the transit, I was also took the time to image Jupiter.  The GRS is very prominent.  Note the SEB dark barge following the GRS has split into two!  The NEB is very busy.  Note the dark red ovals on the northern edge of the NEB.



August 14, 2009

I finally have excellent conditions this evening.   Seeing was fantastic!  But I did have some trouble.  The UV filter on my filter wheel got loose in the middle of my imaging session.  I had to disassemble my filter wheel.

Note the little red spot at the STB!  The GRS is prominently detached from the SEB.  Note the dark elongated oval at the SEB following the GRS.  The GRS is prominent in Methane Band.  The EZ looks very complex.

The NEB is still very busy.  Note the dark red ovals at the NEBn and the large white ovals following them.  Note the dark features at the NTBn.



August 8, 2009

Condition was a little better this evening.  But still not perfect. 

The GRS is at the CM.  It is detached from the SEB!  The SEB continues to fade while the NEB is very dark.  Note the dark red spots on the NTBn.  The large white ovals at the NEBn are also very prominent.

August 8, 2009

Condition was poor this evening but there were times of better seeing.  Contrast is still poor because of the moon.

Oval BA is still orange but the color is faint.  Note the STB white spot following Oval BA.  The EZ looks very busy and teh SEB fading continues.      There is less activity on the NEB.  Note the large red spot at the NNTB just before the CM in the image below!

August 7, 2009

Condition was a little better this evening.  But seeing and transparency was still poor because of the effect Typhoon Morakot.

The Wesley Impact scar can clearly be seen in the SPR.  It seems to have split into three!  The GRS is setting on the left.  The SEB is fading with some dark cyclonic ovals present. 

The NEBs looks very busy.  Note the dark features on the NTBn.


August 5, 2009

Transparency was very poor  this evening. With the full moon close to Jupiter, contrast was very low!  If it wasn't for the Ganymede's transit, I would have gone back to sleep!

The Wesley "Bird" Impact scar can be seen setting close to the SPR.  Ganymede's shadow is on the EZ followed by the reddish Ganymede on the right.  The NEB seems to have some rift activity but it's not clear in this image.

August 4, 2009

It was mostly cloudy this evening.  But I was able to image Jupiter through patches of clouds.   Seeing was not good and transparency was variable.

This is my first image since my trip to view the July 22 Total Solar Eclipse at Hangzhou, China.  Sadly, this trip with Tomio Akutsu was a bit disappointing because we were clouded out during totality.  It had also been cloudy during the past weeks.

The GRS is detached from the SEB.  The SEB is fading but note the dark feature following the GRS. 

The NEB is very dark.  Note the dark spots on the NEB.

On the second image, there is a hint of the recent impact region discovered by my friend, Anthony Wesley! 



Copyright 2009 Christopher Go (chris@cstoneind.com)