By Christopher Go

MAY 2007


May 31, 2007

It started as mostly cloudy this evening. But it cleared around midnight!  Seeing wasn't very good though only 8/10.

The GRS is rising in this image.  Note the large bright image southwest of the GRS.  The SEBs is very pale.   The SED "tail" is very bright.

The NEB is quiet at this region. The White Oval Z at the NEBn is very disturbed. It is no longer the familiar white spot.  It seems to be interacting with the NTB. 



May 29, 2007

Imaging this evening was like having a gun on your head.  It was mostly cloudy this evening but I had a few minutes break in the cloud.  On the east and on the west, strong thunderstorms were raging!  But seeing was very good so I took the risk !  15 minutes  after I imaged, the thunderstorm arrived in my area! 

The GRS is almost at the CM.  Note the area around the GRS!  The NTB remnant is above the GRS.  There are two ovals embedded on this remnant!  Note also the reddish feature that seems to be radiating on the p. side of the GRS.

The large cyclonic oval above the GRS looks squashed.  The SEBs is very pale!  While the SED "tail" below the GRS looks very violent.

 The SEB outbreak is rising in this image.  Although the view is not very clear, it seems to have grown a lot since last week!  I would have waited a few more minutes to image this outbreak but that would have been pushing my luck..

The EZ has really taken a reddish hue.  Note the 3 bright spots at the EZn/NEBs at the CM.  This  should develop into rifts in this otherwise NEB region.  Note the NEBn interacting with the NTB.  The NTB has really settled down after it's violent revival!  Indeed as John Rogers commented, the face of Jupiter has really changed!

May 28, 2007

It's been almost a week since my last image.  It's been raining here for the past week.  Seeing was not very good this evening.

Red Jr.  is at the CM in this image.  It' s wake is really very dark.  The STrD-1 is fading with the SEBs!  Note the bluish feature to the right of STrD-1.  Is this the STB remnant?

The EZs has really turned reddish brown!  The Festoons are very prominent!  The NEB is very busy and is filled with rifts.  Note also the reddish band at the NTB and also around the white NNTB spot.


May 22, 2007

Here's an update image of the SEBs Outbreak spot!  This spot has grown and brightened a lot.  It seems to be interacting with the red vortex that was next to it!  Note also the very dark feature below this outbreak!  The SED will soon have a conjunction with this spot.  It would be interesting to see what will happen.  Also being close to STrD-2, it would be interesting to see how this feature will evolve.

The wake of the SED-2 is really impressive but it is also getting darker with the dark blue feature forming!

The GRS is setting in this image.  While the EZ is still very violent.  It also seems like the EZ is pushing north!

The NEBn is very busy while the NTB seem to be settling down.   The NNTB LRS is visible rising in this image.


May 21, 2007

Today is another perfect day.  This is the region between Red Jr and the GRS.

Red Jr  and the STrD-1 are setting in this image.  The SEBs is very pale. While the area above the SED has become very dark! 

The EZ is still reddish brown.. The NEB is very busy with a lot of rift activity! While the NTB is very pale at this region. The NEBn is still very disturbed. The WOZ is rising in this image and is still very disturbed.



May 20, 2007

Condition was perfect today. 

Here's a follow up image SEBs outbreak 2 days ago.  The outbreak has  turned to a Z feature in the SEBs!  It has grown a lot  since 2 days ago and as predicted by John Rogers, has turned into a rift like system!  (Or Zorro may have invaded Jupiter!)  This feature seems to be interacting with the STrD-2!  Note also the faint rift following STrD-2.

The SED-1 seems to have dissipated.   But SED-2  is still going very strong and is an impressive sight.  Note the dark features  on the p. side of SED-2 below the Z outbreak!

Check out the image below.  It has some very interesting features at the SSTB.    There are dark spots surrounding the FFRs.

The EZ is still very busy!  The festoons are huge and the reddish tinge is still there!

The NTB has the same color as the NEB.  The surrounding area is still very dark except on the south side.

The NNTB Little Red Spot is very prominent and  so is the red wake of this oval.

May 19, 2007

Tonight was a very busy night.  Condition was fair.  Not a good as I wanted it because of a typhoon which is currently in the Pacific.  Sadly, tonight's session was cut short by clouds but I had more than an hour to image Jupiter.

Here are some sequences this evening.  Most notable is the SEB outbreak which I first imaged 2 days ago.  In my last image (17:22UT), it is rising on the right and is still visible.  I hope to get a better view of this feature tonight.

The SSTB is very busy now with a complex FFRs,  Anticyclonic White Ovals and an even bigger Cyclonic Oval above the GRS.  Note also the reddish spot close to the SPR.

Note the projection of SEBs f. the GRS.  It looks like an STrD!!   Note also that the SEBs p. the GRS is lighter than the f. side.  The bright features at the STB above the GRS are still visible.

The EZ has really become brownish!  Note also the bright spot on the SED below the GRS.

The NEBn is quite busy.  Note the disturbed WOZ!!!  The Projections on the NEBn below the GRS looks very like the SED!!  Are these disturbances?

It is also quite obvious than the South Temperate region of Jupiter is very pale while the North Temperate Region is reddish!

Also check out my image of Callisto in the left image below.




May 17, 2007

I wasn't able to image during the last 2 days because I got sick.. Anyway, conditions were perfect this morning!  There are so many things going on in Jupiter.

Note the SEBs following the GRS.  Many dark spots are forming and it seems to be creating a projection similar to the STrD!.  There are a lot of dark red spots on the SEBs and most curious of all is the double bright white spot! 

The cyclonic feature on the SSTB above the GRS is still very prominent.

The NEBn is also very busy.  First of all the NTrZ white band is forming separating the NEB from the NTB!  Note the projections on the NEBn to the NEB just after the CM!  I wonder what's going on?  Are these North Tropical Disturbances? 

ALERT:  John Roger's has issued an alert on the SEBs White Spot!

That bright white spot in the SEB is a surprise: It appears to be the start of bright rift activity again!  In this location f. the GRS, it could be a last flurry of 'routine' activity, which will soon die away or it could be a premature start to a full SEB Revival!  We will find out over the next few days or weeks. 

 It's very interesting that it appeared precisely in one of the dark reddish mini-barges.  That is exactly where a mid-SEB outbreak began during the Voyager imagery, and we suspected that the 1993 SEB Revival also began in one. This event may confirm my suspicion, that such events commonly begin within these mini-barges, although there have rarely been v-hi-res obs'ns to show it.  

If this white spot is the start of something bigger, we would see not only white rifts prograding in mid-SEB, but also disturbance on SEBs.  But as the source is adjacent to STrD-2, this might immediately go into the circulating current and prograde on the STBn, instead of retrograding on SEBs.  This would be a wonderful observation!

May 14, 2007

Seeing was not very good this morning.  I also had to deal with clouds.

The GRS rules this region.  Note the bright spot on the STB between the GRS and the big SSTB white spot on it's southwest. Note also the big white spot at the S3TB! 

The EZ is very busy with the SED above it. 

Note the WOZ on the left and it looks very disturbed!  The NEBn is getting lighter.  Is this fading? 

May 13, 2007

Conditions were perfect today!  I was able to to do my first animation this year!

Red Jr is prominent in this image.  STrD-1 is below Red Jr and both features are really interacting! 

The SEBs is very faint!  While the SEDs are very prominent. SED-2 is very beautiful and well resolved.

The EZ is dominated with festoons!  The festoons this year have been dull and greyish.  Note the reddish tinge on the EZ.

The NEB is very busy and filled with rifts. The newly minted NTB is now reddish like the NEB!  Note the very prominent NNTB white spot.

Please click the image on the right (17:36UT) for the animation.



May 11, 2007

It was very frustrating this morning. The sky was clear except for a 40deg patch of cloud around Jupiter!  It took about 25 min for this cloud to move! 

Here's an  image of Jupiter with Ganymede's  shadow transiting.  Note the surface details on the crescent Ganymede.

Red Jr is really bloated now and the red ring has filled the white halo!  STrD-2 is very faded! It is barely visible in this image.  The SEBs is still there but pretty much faded also.

The NEB is still very busy with a lot of rift activity.  There is a new bright white spot above the NTB just after the CM.  Note the NTB is turning red like the NEB!!!  It's pretty much a full pledged belt now!

May 9, 2007

Another day of poor transparency.  The sky is still covered by a thin veal of cloud.  Seeing was very good though.

Europa is emerging from behind Jupiter.  Note it's cresent.

The NEB is really very busy now.  The festoon at the CM is really very complex.  Is it interacting with White Oval Z (WOZ)?  WOZ seems to be affected with the rebuilding of the NTB.  It seems to have 2 spots beside it!    Is the NTB revival destroying it?

The NTB is already a belt at this region!

The SEB is still dominated by SEDs.  The SEBs has really faded! 

May 7, 2007

The last 2 days have been cloudy and wet! Today was rather frustrating.  Clouds were all over and I was only able to scrape a few images.  Transparency was very bad!  Fortunately seeing was good!

The SED is very prominent here and SED 2 is very beautiful to see.  Red Jr and STrD-1 is rising in this image.  The SSTB white spots above Red Jr. has already merged. 

The EZ has attained a reddish ochre color.  While the NEB is very busy with rifts.  Note that bluish features like those appearing at the NEBs are spreading to the middle of the NEB!!  Is this another chapter of the current global upheaval of Jupiter?

The NTB is forming in patches!  It's fascinating to see this feature develop.  Note also the bright white spot at the NNTB.


May 5, 2007

Transparency was very bad this morning.  I had to deal with a thin cloud layer. 

The large SSTB oval is very prominent in this image.

The STrD-2 is very prominent in this image.   The SED layer is still very bright.

The red  spot on the EZn at the CM looks interesting.

The NTrZ is very busy here.  The left quarter shows the NTB band.  While on the right the white disturbance is rising.


May 4, 2007

Another perfect morning!  This time I caught an  old friend.  Ganymede was in the vicinity and note the surface details!

Red Jr and STrD-1 is setting in this image.  The EZ is still reddish Amber.

The NEB is very busy now with many rifts.  Note the area around White Oval Z which hasa wake interacting with the NTB!


May 3, 2007

Condition was perfect this morning.   This image is comparable in resolution on the New Horizon's image a few weeks before it reached Jupiter.

The SEBs and the STrD-2 is very pale now.  The dark small spots following the STrD-2 has grown!  The tail end of the SED is very bright.

The EZ has become slightly reddish and very dark in color!  There is a lot of festoon activity!

The NEB is filled with rifts.  The head and tail end of the NTB outbreak is getting closer.  The arrow head white disturbance is really very interesting. 

The NNTZ LRS is also prominent in this image!


May 2, 2007

Condition was fair this morning.  The GRS has an interesting blue  ring inside it!  Above it is also interacting with the STB remnant.

The SEBs is already very pale.  While the center of the SEB has become dark red probably because of the SED. 

The EZ is very busy with a lot of crisscrossed Festoon activity. 

The NEB after the CM has an impressive rift! It also seems like the NTrZ is trying to blend into the NEBn!

The NTrZ is very impressive!  The NTB belt has already formed and the whole NTrZ is very dark!  Even the White Oval Z has been affected by the rebuilding of the NTB.




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