By Christopher Go

JUNE 2007

June 27, 2007

It was cloudy during the past week.  But this evening I got a huge break.  It was mostly cloudy but this time there was a clearing that followed Jupiter!  I was able lto image for almost 2 hours before clouds came in!

Lots of things going on in Jupiter.  In the first image, the SED is setting on the left!  There is a bright feature in the STB just before the  GRS.   There are interesting  dark line features south of the SSTB.  Note also the dark "hockey stick" feature north east of the GRS.  The SEB outbreak is still there.  Interesting are the outbreak features  north of the GRS.

The EZ is still very busy with complex festoon activity.  There are also a lot of rifts at the NEB.   The White Spot Z is still dark!  There are a lot of bright outbreaks at the EZn/NEBs region and these are forming associated rifts on the NEB!

It is also very notable that the Northern hemisphere is very reddish and pale while the south looks  bright!