By Christopher Go

APRIL 2007
April 29, 2007

I had to image early today because I wanted to catch Red Jr. and the SSTB Ovals Merger.  The small Oval is now squashed between Red Jr and the SSTB Oval.  Will this ovals merge or will the smaller oval just pass through? 

The STrD-1 and SEBs has really faded.  It's very pale now. The SEDs are very nice!  The SED-2 has revived and it's circulation is very visible in  this image.

The EZ is now very dark and Festoons are very  complex now.   Io and her shadow is at the NEB.  The NEB is very dark red and has a lot of rift activity. 

The NTB rebuilding is in full swing now at the NTrZ.  The belt is very dark!


April 28, 2007

Transparency was again a problem this morning.  Note the SSTB oval above Red Jr is about to merge!  Hope to get a better view of this tomorrow.

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