My Best Jupiter for 2004

By: Christopher Go

Here are my best Jupiter images for the 2004 season. These were taken on nights of almost perfect seeing.  I have taken these with my Celestron C8 mounted on my AP900GTO mount.  The imager used is the Philips Toucam Pro Webcam.  As always, I get help in doing my imaging and my children are always glad to oblige. 

These images were taken at Cebu City, Philippines.  Seeing here is just fantastic from the end of March to late May.


My son Steven and daughter Kathyln help me in imaging Jupiter.

The above image appeared in the Oct 2004 and Dec 2004  issue of Sky and Telescope Magazine (p. 69)


My Best Animation:

March 26 Double Transit of Io and Europa Animation  by Stephen Keene!

April 4 Transit of GRS and Ganymede

Christopher Go