This is my first try on the moon.  I took these shots before imaging Saturn on January 30, 2004.  I used my Celestron C8 mounted on my Astrophysics AP900GTO mount.  These were imaged using a Philips Toucam Pro webcam  with an Astrophysics 2" Barcon.  Thanks for everyone who have helped me identify these features and showing me about the freeware Virtual Moon Atlas.   All images were taken at Cebu City, Philippines!  Image acquisition was done using K3CCD Tools and image processing with Registax 2.  Please click image to enlarge.

May 21, 2005

Here's an image of Copernicus taken with Tomio's Atik 1HS Cam with a red filter.  Seeing was around 7/10 with light clouds.  This is my first image of Copernicus!  I stacked about 400 frames!

May 20, 2005

Here's an image of Vallis Alpes.

Note the fault lines  inside the valley floor! 


May 20, 2005

Here's my latest lunar image. 

Seeing was around 7/10.  Can you count the number of craterlets?

Craters Theophilus  (Top) Cyrillus (Center)  and Catharina (bottom)

CATENA ABULFEDA crater chain

Stofler Walled Plane and Faraday Crater

Delambre Crater

Two comet like craters form in the southern portion of Mare Nectaris.







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