Mars 2014

I started late for Mars this season. 

These images were taken with a C14 XLT on an AP900GTO mount.  I used a Celestron Skyris 132M  USB 3.0 camera.  A Homeyer motorized filter wheel was used to produce an RGB image.  I used an Astrophysics Barcon working at 3X.    To capture I used  FireCapture 2.3.  For processing, I use AutoStakkert and  Registax V5 .

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May 19, 2014

Seeing was average this evening.  

Mare Cimmerium is at the CM.   There are clouds over Elysium.   Olympus Mons will be coming into view in the coming days.


May 17, 2014

Seeing  was good this evening.  

Syrtis Major is setting on the left. There are some light clouds over Syrtis Major.  Mare Cimmerium is coming into view.    There is a bright cloud over Elysium.  Hellas continues to be cloudy.


May 14, 2014

Seeing  still variable this evening.  

Syrtis Major is prominent today.   The clouds in Hellas is very bright.  The north polar cap is getting smaller.   There is a bright afternoon cloud over Elysium.  The cloud on the left are morning clouds over Chryse. 


May 11, 2014

Seeing was variable this evening. 

Sinus Sabaeus is now moving out and Syrtis Major is moving in.   There are morning clouds in Chryse.   The Hellas cloud is very bright.


May 7, 2014

Seeing was unstable this evening.

It is very cloudy in Chryse up to the north pole.  Is the bright cloud just south of the North Pole the Polar vortex?  Sinus Meridiani and Sinus Sabaeus is coming into view.


May 4, 2014

Seeing was good this evening. 

The Northern Polar Vortex is now shaping up at Tempe Terra.   Chryse is at the CM.   Sinus Meridiani is coming into view.   The area around Noctis Lacus and Tharsis continue to be very cloudy.


May 3, 2014

Martin Fiedler from Dresden was imaging with me this evening.  Seeing was average but it was mostly cloudy when we started imaging Mars.  We were only able to get enough data for a color RGB.

The Polar Vortex is over Tempe Terra.  The dark ring around the North Pole is prominent.  Ascraeus and Pavonis Mons are prominent as their peak are still above the cloud deck.


May 2, 2014

Seeing was  good this evening.

Chryse is prominent in these images. The Tharsis region is a bit cloudy but the volcanoes are above the cloud deck.  Note the cloud close to the north pole, this looks like a cyclonic storm.   Sinus Meridiani is peeking on the right.  This region will rise in the coming days.


April 30, 2014

Seeing was average this evening.   My blue channel has a lot of artifacts.

The Tharsis volcanoes are very prominent in these images.  Olympus Mons and the 3 other Tharsis volcanoes really stick out above the cloud deck!  Valles Marinares can be seen at the CM.   There are also clouds on the North Polar area and around Eden.

Aurorae Sinus and Niliacus Lacus are well resolved.


April 28, 2014

Seeing was good at the start of the session but it suddenly deteriorated.  I was only able to capture a set of image.

Olympus Mons is prominent as it sticks above the clouds!  The 3 volcanoes on Tharsis can also be seen.    These are Ascraeus, Pavonis and Arsia Mons.

Solis Lacus is rising and there are thin clouds above  Valles Marinares.  Chryse can also be seen on the eastern edge.


April 26, 2014

Seeing was good this evening.

Here is a cloudy image of Mars.  Lots of clouds all over.  Olympus Mon is well resolved.  This is the bright ring with a dark center on the off center left.  There is a bright S shaped cloud over Ascraeus Mons.  Pavonis and Arsia Mons is resolved on the lower left of Ascraeus.  Solis Lacus is on the lower right side of Mars.  There are some bright afternoon clouds over Chryse.


April 24, 2014

Seeing was perfect this evening.

Olympus Mons is at the CM of this image.   Arsai and Pavonis Mons are also resolved to the right of Olympus Mons.  There is a complex and bright afternoon clouds on Chryse.


April 21, 2014

Seeing was good this evening.  

I was able to capture the giant volcanoes of Mars.  Olympus Mons, the Solar Systems' highest mountain, is nicely resolved in the IR image.  In the color images, clouds are on top of this volcano.  There are also clouds on top of Arsai and Pavonis Mons.  There are also light morning clouds over Elysium.

April 17, 2014

Seeing was poor this evening.

Mare Cimmerium is prominent in this image.   The bright cloud on the right is on top of Olympus Mons.   There are some bright clouds over the Elysium basin.

April 5, 2014

Seeing was good this evening.   I forgot to use my extension tube this evening so my Mars is smaller than my image a few days ago.

Syrtis Major setting on the right.  Sinus Sabaeus and Sinus Meridiani is rising on the left.  Hellas is covered with a bright cloud on the south.  The north polar cap is well resolved.   Utopia and Ismenius Lacus is well resolved.  There are morning clouds at Chryse and evening clouds at Aetheria.


April 2, 2014

Seeing was very variable this evening.  Finally an image of Mars!

Sinus Sabaeus can be seen the the CM.   Syrtis Major is on the right with a cloud over it.  The bright cloud in the south is over Hellas.   Chryse can be seen in the left with morning clouds over it.  The north polar can is small.


Christopher Go 2014