Mars 2018

These images were taken with a C14 XLT on an AP900GTO mount.  I used a QHY290M camera.  A Starlight Xpress USB  filter wheel was used to produce an RGB image.  I used an Astrophysics Advanced Barcon (starting April 23) working at 3X.    To capture I used  FireCapture 2.5.  For processing, I use AutoStakkert and  Registax V5 .

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July 14, 2018

The monsoon is still going strong here making imaging a challenge.    Transparency was poor and I had to image through clouds.   Seeing was also a challenge.

Mars is still engulfed in dust.   The albedo features are still a challenge to recognize.   However, Valles Marineris is prominent in the center of the CM due to bright dust!  The three Tharsis volcanoes can be seen rising on the left.   Note the bright spot on Solis Lacus.   The south polar caps is yellowish due to dust.   Note the bluish protrusion on the left of the south polar cap.  Are these high altitude clouds?


July 10, 2018

Typhoon Maria has enhanced the monsoon here.  I finally got some clearing tonight.

The dust storm is still going very strong!   The dark spot on the upper left is Olympus Mons.   The three Tharsis Volcanoes are also sticking out of the dust storm.  Note the bright streak on the right of the CM.  This is the dust which shows a perfect outline of  Valles Marineris!  This is one of the largest canyon of the solar system.

The south pole is has been invaded by dust.


July 1, 2018

Seeing was variable today. 

The dust storm is still going strong in this region.  Mare Cimmerium with Sinus Gomer is on the left.  Mare Sirenum is on the CM.  But one could hardly discern anything here. 


June 26, 2018

Excellent conditions today.  Unfortunately, Mars still hides its prominent features with a global dust storm!

Mare Cimmerium is suppose to be at the CM but one could hardly see it!   Sinus Gomer is very faint but is slowly peeking out of the dust.   There is a hint of Elysium in the north.


June 24, 2018

Seeing was almost perfect today.  Unfortunately this is the area which has really been affected by the dust storm.

Mare Cimmerium is hardly recognizable due to the dust.  Sinus Gomer is faintly visible now as the dust clears up.   Hellas is in the lower left and it is very bright due to dust.   Syrtis Major is rising on the left.  Elysium is still covered with dust.


June 23, 2018

Seeing was fair this morning but I had to deal with some clouds and dew.

The dust storm seems to be settling down.   Syrtis Major is slowly coming out.     Sinus Sabeaus is also slowly clearing up.  Hellas seems to be still covered with dust.   Note the bright clouds close to the south pole.   There seems to be a round hole on it.  Is this a polar storm?


June 15, 2018

Seeing was a bit unstable today.   It is 3 weeks before Mars Opposition and the dust storm is still raging! 

The dust storm has engulfed most major features on Mars.  Sinus Sabeaus/Sinus Meridiani should have been prominent at the CM!  The familiar Syrtis Major should have been setting on the right.  Right now the planet is mostly blank! 


June 14, 2018

The SW monsoon is at full swing here in Cebu.  Seeing was very unstable.   Weather has been so bad here that I had a late start with Mars.

I was a bit perplexed when I saw Mars.  I could hardly recognize it!  The dust storm has covered Sinus Meridiani where the Mars Rover Opportunity is located.  Unfortunately, NASA has lost contact with this rover.  I hope the rover will survive this storm!

This dust storm seems to be moving towards Chryse!  Note the bright clouds over Mare Australe.



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