December 28, 2012

Seeing was variable this evening. I'm still nursing a 39C fever.

Note the  two NNTB Red Spots which just passed each other.  Note the two spots on the  NTB just before the CM.  Will they merge?

The two NEBn white spots are getting  closer.  Another merger in the coming weeks?  The NEB is very complex.  The  SEB looks very complex.

December 27, 2012

After a brush with Tropical Storm Wukong, we finally got a clearing.  Seeing was good but transparency was poor because of clouds.

The GRS is setting on this image. The wake o the GRS is very complex.   Note the outbreaks on the wake.   The NEB looks quiet in this region.  The NNTZ LRS can be seeing rising.   Ganymede is well resolved.

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!  I was able to grab some images during Christmas eve.   Seeing was still unstable and it was windy because of a coming Tropical Storm.

The GRS and Oval BA are prominent in these images.  Note the bright feature on the SEB preceding the GRS.    The NEB is quiet in this region.

December 23, 2012

The sky was mostly overcast today.  Fortunately, I had a short clearing.    Seeing was variable and it was still windy.

Note the NNTZ LRS 2.  It seems that there are TWO red spots on top of each other.   Yet only one is bright in Methane Band.   Note the very bright outbreak on the NEB.  The NEB is very busy in this region.

Note the SEBn has a lighter shade compared to the rest of the SEB.

December 22, 2012

Condition was very  poor this evening.   It was very windy and transparency was poor.  Seeing was so unstable.

The GRS and Oval BA are prominent.   The wake of the GRS is very complex.   The NEB is quiet.

December 19, 2012

It's been cloudy during the past few days.   In fact, it rained hard early this evening.   There was a clearing half an hour after the rain but seeing was unstable.  After the second image, clouds rolled in.

The GRS and Oval BA are prominent in these images.  Oval BA has a strong dark color.  The dark spot following it is still prominent. The GRS is well resolved.  The wake following the GRS is complex.   The NEB and NTB looks  quiet in this region.



December 14, 2012

Today marks my 7th straight day of imaging Jupiter...  Seeing was good.

Oval BA is prominent in these images.  Red Jr. still has the strong red coloring.  The SEB looks very complex.  The dark barge is followed by bright feature.

The NEB has two outbreaks.  Note the large white oval on the NEBn.  This oval is bright on the CH4.    The NTBn  is dark.

December 13, 2012

Conditions was good until clouds rolled in.  I was only able to get some RGBs and the methane band image before the sky was overcast.

The NEB is very active in this region.  There is a prominent outbreak and rifts around it. The NNTZ LRS is prominent and bright in Methane band.

The SEB llooks complex.    Io and it's shadow can be seen on the SEB.

December 12, 2012

Conditions were excellent this evening.

The GRS and Oval BA are featured in these images.   The GRS is well resolved with a lot of features.  Oval BA has a very strong color. with a white center.  The dark oval following BA is prominent.  Note the red oval on the mid-SEB following  the  red barge.  This feature is a cyclonic oval seen in the recent HST images.

The NEB looks quiet in this region and the NTB has some dark disturbances on it's northern side.

December 11, 2012

Transparency was so poor today that in the past I would have gone to sleep.  Thanks to Winjupos Derotation, I can still get a decent image despite the bad situation.   I just had to derotate more images!

The NEB is very busy with a lot of rifts and outbreaks.  Note the large white oval on the NEBn.

The SEB is dark.  Note the reddish feature protruding on the SEBn.  It has an SED like wake!!  Is this the revival of the SED?


December 10, 2012

Transparency was poor today because of haze.  Seeing was, however, good.

The GRS is prominent in these images.  You can see features inside the GRS!  The core of the GRS is dark followed by an inner ring.  Note the small white oval inside the GRS on the northern part of the inner ring.   The wake following the GRS is very complex.   There is a bright outbreaks embedded on the wake of the GRS.

Oval BA and the small dark spot can be seen setting.  Europa and it's shadow is on the STB just south of the GRS.

The NEB and NTB looks quiet in this region.

December 9, 2012

Transparency was low today because of clouds and dew. Fortunately, derotation saved the day...  Seeing was excellent.

On the first image, the two NEB white ovals seem go be getting close to each other.  Will there be another merger soon?  It is interesting that in 1 hour, the NEB shows a lot of contrast!  During the first image, the NEB is very busy with outbreaks and rifts.  While the region closer to the GRS looks quiet! 

The NTBn looks interesting with small ovals surrounded by dark materials.

Oval BA is very dark. The dark cyclonic oval following BA is very prominent.

In between the two images, I received the news that great British Astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore passed away.  I would like to dedicate this imaging session in his memory.  I could never forget when  he showed me his journal of visual Jupiter observations, when I visited him at his home in Selsey.  His down  to earth humor and patience to explain complex scientific details in layman's terms have drawn millions into Astronomy and the sciences.   Rest in Peace Sir Pat.   I'm sure  your view of the heavens are much better now...


December 8, 2012

Just came back from Thailand where Tomio and I were clouded out during our imaging run with the Thailand National Observatory.  Coming back home, we had a brush with Super Typhoon Bopha.  Fortunately, Cebu was spared by this devastating typhoon.   I imaged early this evening because the sky was clear. While doing my second round of imaging, clouds started to roll in.  Seeing was excellent!

The NNTZ LRS is very prominent in these images.  The red ring is well resolved.  Note the white ovals on the NTBn.

The NEB is very busy with a lot of rifts.  Note the red tadpole like feature on the NEB.  The SEB looks quiet.  There is a reddish spot on the SEB. Note also the dark features on the SEBn prominent in the Methane band image.  The polar regions are well resolved.

November 24, 2012

It was cloudy early this evening but cleared up later.  Seeing was excellent.

I'm confused now.  The NEBn oval is visible here but there is only one oval left!  Either both ovals merged or the southern oval was destroyed during the encounter!

The NEB has a lot of rift system.

Note the bright feature on the SEBn close to the CM of the first image.  This feature seems to be causing a disturbance on the SEBn.  This feature is gaining prominence compared to two days ago.  Note the red spots on the STB.

This will be my last images from Cebu in the next weeks.  Tomio and I are travelling to Thailand today.  We will be using the 2.4m Thailand National Observatory telescope at Doi Ithanon National Park to image Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune from Monday to Thursday this week.

November 22, 2012

I started imaging early today.  Seeing was great because Jupiter was still low but it improved as Jupiter got higher.

The two white ovals on the NEBn did not merge after all.  They just passed each other!  The NEB has a lot of outbreaks and rifts.

The SEB is dark.

November 17, 2012

Seeing was excellent this morning. 

The NEBn white ovals have basically merged!!  The northern half of this oval  is still white but the southern half is yellow.  Note the dark spot in the middle of this oval in the Methane band image!  There is another white oval following the newly merged oval.  Will these two oval merge later this season?

The NEB is busy with complex rifts.  The SEB is dark.  Oval BA is rising and it has a very strong red color!  Note the tiny oval on the SPR with a reddish tinge.

November 16, 2012

Seeing was good this morning but transparency was poor.

The TWO NNTZ LRS can be seen.  The both LRS are prominent. It is very bright in CH4 and the dark ring of the NNTZ LRS is resolved in UV.   Note the white oval on the NTB.  This oval is bright in CH4. 

The NEB is very busy with complex rifts.  Note the dark red feature setting on the NEB.  This feature is very dark in CH4.  The SEB is dark.



November 14, 2012

Seeing was excellent this morning.   I took images until clouds rolled in.

Jupiter is very busy at this region.  Note the white ovals on the NEBn which are about to merge!  Note also that two tiny red ovals on the NTB are also about  to merge!!  Jupiter is always exciting!

The NEB is very busy with complex rifts due to multiple outbreaks.  The SEB looks pretty busy too.  Ganymede is well resolved.

November 6, 2012

Seeing was excellent this morning.  Will be travelling to Singapore today so won't be imaging in the next 2 days.

The NNTZ LRS is prominent in these  images.  It is very bright in CH4 and dark in UV.   In the color image, the red ring is well resolved.  The NEB is busy here.  Note the dark red oval on the NEB.  The NTBn is also active.  Note the reddish feature on the NTBn which is dark in CH4.

The SEB is complex because of the wake of the GRS.

November 5, 2012

Seeing was excellent this evening though I had to deal with some fast moving clouds.

The GRS and Oval BA can be seen in these images.  The GRS is well resolved with the slightly darker center and streaks visible inside.  The wake of the GRS is very turbulent.  Oval BA has a very dark ring.  The small dark spot following BA is a cyclonic oval.

Note an outbreak spot appearing on the NEB.  The NTB looks quiet in this region. 

My UV image has some artifact streaks because I forgot to take a dark frame for my UV images.

November 4, 2012

Though imaging session this evening.  I was about to give up because of the clouds.  But went through imaging anyway.  Seeing was fantastic but transparency was poor and variable.

Note the complex feature on the NTBn.   This looks like an outbreak that is disturbing the NTBn.

The NEB is busy and busy because of the outbreaks creating a complex rift system.  The festoons on the EB are very active.  The SEB has complex dark clouds. 

Please note that Io has been repositioned and may not reflect it's exact position. I derotated all the RGB image but derotation just destroys Io's image.

November 1, 2012

Lots of moving clouds this morning  but seeing was excellent!  Here are some of my  best images this season!

NNTZ LRS is prominent.  It's very dark red and bright in Methane band.  The NEB has some rifts but this region  looks quiet.  The SEB features the wake of the GRS.


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