October 29, 2012

It was very frustrating this morning.  The sky was mostly cloudy.  I had to wait half an hour for the sky to clear up.  Seeing was fantastic!

Oval BA is now past the GRS.  Oval BA has a very strong orange color!  Note the dark spot following BA.  The GRS has a lighter color than BA.  The region following the GRS is very complex due to the outbreak close to the GRS!  The wake of the GRS is also very complex.

The NEB and NTB is quiet in this region.

October 28, 2012

It's been weeks since my last image.  Been out of a while because of a trip to Italy.  Seeing was average today.

Note the complex rift system on the NEB!  This seems to be due to the bright outbreak spot.  The NTB looks calm.  The NNTZ LRS is bright in CH4 but difficult to see in visible light.

The SEB is dark.

October 7, 2012

It's been weeks since my last image.  It has been raining here for weeks!  I had a clearing this morning but seeing was terrible!

Oval BA is now past the GRS!   The wake of the GRS is still very complex.  The NEB looks revived now.   The NTrZ is still yellowish from the earlier disturbance.  The NTBn is still has the dark complex feature.

September 20, 2012

Seeing was excellent this morning.

The Oval BA just passed the GRS.  Note the dark oval following the Oval BA.  The region following the GRS is very complex. 

The Equatorial band is prominent in this region.  The NEB looks revived with some complex rift systems. The NTrZ is still reddish.   The NTB is prominent with some activity on it's northern edge.

September 16, 2012

Seeing was good this morning.

The NNTZ LRS is prominent in these images.  It is bright in Mehtane band.  Note the strange feature at the NTBn.  This feature seem to be creating the dark streaks north of the NTB!! is this an outbreak or a cyclone?

The NEB is going back to normal.    The SEB has a lot of dark streaks possible due to the interaction of the outbreak with the GRS.

September 15, 2012

It has been raining here for more than a week now.  I had a break this morning.   Seeing was good with Jupiter high up.

The GRS and Oval BA are in conjunction.  The red ring of Oval BA is very prominent.  The GRS is  still faded but the center of the GRS is dark.  The wake of the GRS is  very complex.   Note the dark spot following Oval  BA.

Note the bright spiral outbreak in the NEB.  The Equatorial Zone has a prominent band.  The NEB looks revived while the NTB is a prominent band.  Things seem of have quieted down on the NEB/NTB.

September 6, 2012

Seeing was unstable today.  I was also have some dew problem.

The GRS and Oval BA has just set on these images.  The wake of the GRS can be seen on the SEB.  The mid EZ has a prominent red band.  The NEB is very complex and still chaotic.  The NTrZ has a strong yellow color while the NTB is red and the northern edge is chaotic.

August 28, 2012

Condition was fantastic this morning. 

The NEB/NTB regions continues to be chaotic.  The NEB is slowly regaining it's red color.   The NEB is very dark and the northern edge is very active.  Note the red spot at the NNTZ.  This spot is very bright in Methane band.

The EZ still has the reddish band.  The SEB is very active and dark. 

August 24, 2012

Conditions were excellent this morning.  The sky cleared just after I woke up.

The NEB continues to be very complex.  There are complex rifts associated with the EZ feestons on the NEB.

The SEB also looks disturbed.  Note the bright spot on the mid-SEB.  This feature is prominent in the IR image below.  Is this the South Equatorial Disturbance (SED)?

August 23, 2012

Transparency was variable today because of clouds.  Seeing also wasn't that great.

Note the little red spot on the NNTZ.  This spot is bright in Methane band.  The NEB/NTB continues to be very disturbed.  The NEB is gaining back it's red color.  Note the reddish equatorial band.    The SEB is dark.


August 20, 2012

Seeing was very good today.

Ganymede is transiting Jupiters South Polar Regions.  The GRS and Oval BA are setting.  The red ring of Oval BA is still very prominent while the GRS is still pale.  Note the white oval following Oval BA!  This oval may be the reason why there is a dark cyclonic oval right next to Oval BA.

The NEB/NTB is still very complex.   While the yellowish coloration of the EZ is very strong up to the SEB.

August 18, 2012

Seeing was much better today. 

There was a double transit of Io and Europa today.   NNTZ LRS can be seen rising.  It is bright in Methane band.   The NEB continues to be very complex.  Note the bright outbreak in the NEB close to the CM.   The NTB band is narrow.  Note the reddish coloring on the EZ.

The SEB is very dark.

August 15, 2012

Seeing was a bit unstable because of clouds and monsoon winds.

The GRS and Oval BA are close to conjunction! The GRS is a bit pale while Oval BA has a strong orange color.  The ring is still distinct in Oval BA.  The SEB outbreaks is very close to the GRS and it looks like these outbreaks might be pushed into the northern edge of the GRS.

Note the interesting colors on the EZ. Note the white patches and the yellow and orange coloring on the EZ.  The NEB is slowly gaining back it's red color while the NTB is very distinct.  

August 9, 2012

Seeing was a little better today but still very unstable.

The NEB slowly turning back red while the NTB band is prominent.    The mid EZ is reddish and there is a faint belt there but at the CM, the reddish hue seems to have covered most of the northern half of the EZ.

The SEB is dark red but narrow.  There are a lot of dark featuers on the NEB.  The dark spot is Io's shadow.

August 8, 2012

It is finally clear today but seeing was unstable because of a low pressure area in Central Luzon.

Oval BA is getting closer to the GRS.  Conjunction should happen in the coming weeks.  Oval BA has a very strong color while the GRS is rather pale.  The SEB close to the GRS is very chaotic with outbreaks occuring.

The NEB/NTB area continue to be very complex.  The NEB seems to be slowly getting back it's red color.

July 21, 2012

Seeing was okay this morning but it was partially cloudy.  Seeing was a little unstable.

The NEB is very complex.  The NEBs is starting to turn red but the mid-NEB is still yellow.  The NTB is prominent while the northern part of the NTB is a bit complex.    Note the bright spot at the dark spot on the NNTZ which is bright in CH4. 

The EZ is very yellow. The EB is not visible in this region.  The SEB is slowly narrowing.

July 15, 2012

Seeing was excellent this morning.  This made up for the rainy conditions

The GRS is very pale!  The region following the GRS is very chaotic with the outbreaks so close to the GRS.   Oval BA has a very  strong red color .    The Equatorial Belt (EB) is very distinct in this region.  The NEB is very wide and turning red.   It is also very chaotic due to its ongoing revival. The NTB is very red and seems to extend further north.

July 11, 2012

Conditions were just incredible this morning.  Seeing was perfect despite Jupiter just 30deg above the horizon!

The NNTZ Little Red Spot(LRS)  shows a prominent RED OVAL AND NOT A RED RING ANYMORE!!!  It is also very bright in Methane Band. 

The NEB shows an incredible wealth of details.  Both the NTB and NEB are very disturbed at this CM.  The NEB is yellow while the NTB has a strong red color.  The NTrZ is basically gone!  The EZ also looks active with a strong yellow color except on it's southern edge.   In Methane band, the NEB/NTB looks "normal" while the EZ looks very disturbed!

The SEB looks very busy but is has narrowed a bit.  The STrZ has a very light.

July 6, 2012

Weather had been terrible during the past weeks.  I was able to scrape just one image today before clouds rolled in.  Transparency was very variable this morning before I was clouded out.

Jupiter looks very strange!  The NTB is dark but the NEB looks chaotic but no distinct belt.  The SEB looks narrow and there are many black features!  There is a dark band on the STB.  A band is forming on the EZ!!!

June 24, 2012

Condition was again poor today.  Seeing was terrible and focusing was tough.

Io's shadow is at the SEB.  The NEB looks dark red on it's southern edge.   The NEB/NTrZ looks yellowish probably due to the upheaval.  The NTB looks is red.

The SEB looks very dark in this region and very narrow!  The STrZ  looks white again.


June 21, 2012

Condition was very poor this morning because of clouds!  I was only able to scrape one RGB sequence.

The Oval BA is getting closer to the GRS.  The should have a conjunction in the coming months.  The NEB revival is on going.  Part of the red band can be seen in this image.  The NEB has a yellowish color probably the turbulence of the upheaval.


June 20, 2012

I had a crazy session this morning.  First of all I woke up 30 min late!  I did not wake up till 5am.    Went to my set up and pointed to the brightest star on the east.  When I checked my eyepiece, I did not get the perfect donut I had expected (my telescope is focused to my camera).  "What the heck?"  I attached my camera only to find a cresent!  Geez Venus!!  I had to go back find Jupiter! I did not start imaging till 5:15am local time!  The sky was already very bright  Seeing was good though but the contrast was poor.    When processing, I was getting some strange artifacts.  I should have cleaned my camera! But I traced it to Autostakkert.  I had to make some adjustments to kill the artifacts!

Here is an good image of Jupiter despite Jupiter only 26 deg above the horizon!   The NEB is in CHAOS!   You can see the  outbreak spots on the NEB similar to the SEB outbreak spots 2 years ago!   The upheaval has extended to the EZn and NTrZ!    The NTB is a dark band. 

There is an interesting orange spot on the SEB to the left of the CM.    Ganymede can be seen to the left of the NPR.


June 18, 2012

Here is my first image of Jupiter this season.    Seeing was terrible because Jupiter was till very low in the sky. Jupiter is below 20 deg.

As has been observed by other amateur imagers, Jupiter's northern hemisphere is in upheaval! The NEB is reviving.  Note the huge red feature on the NEB/EZ.  Half of the NEB is dark while the other half is white.  The NTB has fully revived and is very dark and wide.

The SEB is very dark.  Note the GRS rising on the left.  The GRS looks pale.



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