JUPITER 2011: May to July


July 15, 2011

Seeing and transparency was terrible today because of thin clouds.

Oval BA is rising.  Oval BA is still distinctively red.  There are a lot of activity on the STrZ.  The SEB is very dark. 

The NEB is still dark red.  Io can be seen on the SEB.

I will be out for a few days as my Laptop died again!

July 14, 2011

Today would have a wonderful session.  Unfortunately, the clouds caught up on me.  Just missed the best condition by a minute!!  I was only able to salvage one image.

The GRS is very orange in this image.  The area around it is vey busy.  Note the large elongated oval on the NEB.    Hopefully I can get better conditions tomorrow.



July 13, 2011

Seeing was terrible today and transparency was horrible. 

Oval BA can be seen setting on the right.  The STrZ is yellowish.  The SEB is very red.   The northern and southern edge of the SEB has a lot of activity.

Note the large white oval on the NEBn.


July 12, 2011

I finally had good seeing.  Although isn't perfect yet because transparency was poor, but it shows what my C14 can do. 

The GRS is setting on the right.  The SEB is very busy. The outbreaks can be seen and they have moved closer to the GRS.   It is interesting to note that the SEB is NOT dark in this region.

The EZ looks turbulent.  Note the tiny ovals on the EZ.  The NEB is still very dark but it has become narrow.  Note the white oval on the NNTB just above the dark bands.  This oval is bright in Methane band.

Ganymede can be seen on the upper right.

July 11, 2011

Transparency was very poor this evening.  There was haze in the sky and seeing was very variable.

The southern hemisphere of Jupiter is very active.  The STrZ has a reddish streak on it.  Note the large white oval on the SEB.  The SEBn is very dark while there are a lot of oval activity on the SEBn.

The NEB is still dark.  Note the dark red barge on the NTB.

July 8, 2011

Seeing was very variable this morning. 

Oval  BA can be seen in these images.  Oval BA is still red but it doesn't stand out because the entire southern hemisphere of Jupiter has become reddish.   Oval BA is very bright in Methane Band. 

The SEB is very busy.  The northern and southern edges of the SEB is dark with a lot of oval activity.  The STrZ is darkish not the usual white color.   The NEB is dark but narrow.  Note another outbreak on the NEBs.  This outbreak is bright in methane band.  Note the dark spot in methane band on the NEBn.  This seems to be associated with a red cyclonic oval.

Note the dark band forming on the northern edge of the NTB.  Tomio commented about this yesterday with the sudden appearance of the dark features on the NTBn.

July 7, 2011

I had been cloudy for almost a month.  This was after my new C14 arrived.    I was able to acquire a C14 from George Blahun. Although I was able to image Pluto with this telescope with Leslie Young of the SwRI, these are my first planetary images with this scope! Seeing today wasn't great but the  image is very good.

The GRS can be seen setting in  these images.  The SEB is really very busy!  There are a lot of interaction with the SEB material and the GRS. 

Note an outbreak at the NEBs.  The NEB is narrow but very dark.  Note the dark ovals on the NEBn.


June 11, 2011

I had a crazy session this morning.  When I woke up it was clear.  As I set up and got ready to image, clouds rolled in.  I had to wait for 20 minutes before the clouds started to clear.  Glad I waited because seeing was excellent!  Jupiter was between 37 to  40 deg above the horizon when I took these images.

The SEB outbreaks is still going strong since it's first appearance in early November.  This outbreaks will keep the SEB red.  Note the dark streaks around the outbreak area.  Are these 5 micron hot spots like when the outbreak first appeared?  The STrZ is hazy not the white STrZ we have been seeing in the past few years.

Note the two dark red cyclonic ovals on the NEBn with a white anti-cyclonic oval in between.

June 10, 2011

Jupiter is now 40deg high!!  Seeing is getting better and transparency was perfect this morning.

Note the GRS rising on the left.  The SEB is very busy.  Note the light bar on the mid SEB.  The STrZ looks very busy and dark. 

The NEB is very dark.  Note the large oval on the NNTZ.  Is this the NNTZ LRS?

Callisto can be seen below Jupiter.

June 8, 2011

Seeing was okay this morning but transparency was poor.  Jupiter is now 36 deg above the horizon.

Finally got a decent image of the GRS!  The SEB is fully revived and very  dark red now.   The GRS Halo is very dark.  The wake of the GRS is very complex now.  Note of the dark feature south of the GRS.

The NEB is dark. Note the dark barges on the NEB.


June 1, 2011

Finally a decent image!!!  Jupiter is around 27-33deg above the horizon when I took these images.  Seeing was good and there wasn't a lot of atmospheric distortion this morning.

The GRS can be seen setting on the left.  The wake of the GRS is back!!    There is a a dark ring around the GRS.  The SEB is very busy at this region.  Outbreak material is pushing towards the GRS forming the wake.  The STrZ can be seen following the GRS but the SEB seems to be pushing towards the STrZ.

The NEB is dark red and narrow.  Note the dark ovals on the NEB.  The NTB has faded.  In fact the northern hemisphere is very light. 


May 29, 2011

We had a close call with Super Typhoon Songda.  Fortunately it never made landfall, but it was cloudy here for more than a week.  Jupiter is now 30deg!!  Seeing get better as Jupiter get higher!

The Great Red Spot is rising on the left!  The SEB is fully revived and very wide.  The SEB seems to be pushing into the STrD.

The NEB is very dark but narrow.  Note the dark red spot rising on the NNTB.


May 21, 2011

Seeing and transparency was poor this morning because of low clouds.

The SEB looks fully revived.  Two shadows can be seen around the SEB, these are the shadows of Europa (right) and Io (left).  Europa can be seen transiting as a bright spot on the first image.  The SEBn is dark.    Oval BA can be seen rising.  It still looks red.

The NEB is very dark red.


May 19, 2011

Condition was a little better today.  Altitude of Jupiter was between 18deg to 24deg above the horizon.

The SEB is fully revived in this region.  The SEB is very wide.  The SEB N is still black.  Oval BA can be seen setting in these images.  The STB looks dark.  Festoons can be seen on the EZ.

The NED is very dark red and narron.  The white oval can be seen on the NEBn.  Note the dark barge on the NTB.

May 14, 2011

My first Jupiter image for the season.  Jupiter was only 19-20deg above the horizon.  Seeing was very unstable.  But I was able to get a respectable image.

The SEB seem to have revived already.  It is interesting to note that the southern hemisphere has become reddish. In fact the STrD is barely visible.    Oval BA can be seen in the images and it still is red but the surrounding STB has also revived!  The reddish feature to the right of the SEB is Io.

The NEB is very dark red but narrow as noted by Tomio Akutsu.  Note the large white oval on the NEB.  Note also the dark barge on the NTB. 

The methane band image is very noisy because the sky was already bright when I took this image.  Note that Oval BA is bright in the methane band image.


Copyright 2011 Christopher Go (chris@cstoneind.com)