JUPITER: May 2008

By Christopher Go


May 30, 2008

Finally a clear night.  Seeing and transparency is perfect!

Note the huge SEB  outbreak with  the SED almost below it!  The SED is very dark blue.

Note the white oval with a dark ring at the STB.  The STrZ white oval 1 can be seen after the CM.  The EZ has a lot of dark festoons!

Note the merging barges at the NEBn!!   Note the dark bar forming on the NEBs. 

Callisto is at the NNTB right next to a white spot!  Note some surface details on Callisto's disk!  Callisto is really a very dark moon!  Note the area around Callisto is very busy!

May 24, 2008

May has really been a rainy month.  I wasn't expecting much this evening.  Although seeing was good, dew was a big problem and so was transparency!  It's Sunday so I took almost a 2 hour's worth of images!

Note the NEB white spot is which is forming an outbreak.  This is the first NEB outbreak I have seen in a long time.  The NNTZ Red Spot is visible in this image.  The SEB outbreak east of the GRS is very comples.

The GRS is very well defined with a dark red core.  The STrZ red oval is getting very close to the GRS.  Oval BA has faded and is also getting closer to the GRS!

Io's shadow can be seen at the NEBs.

May 20, 2008

Conditions was perfect this morning.  It's been cloudy for the last few days.  This is probably one of my best images of the season.

Note the impressive SEB outbreak!  The white spot to the right of the CM is the "eye" of the outbreak!  The  STrZ  Oval 1 can be seen after the CM.    Note the bluish NTB remnant.

The NEB is getting lighter in color from the deep dark red a few weeks ago.  Note the huge dark barge at the N3TB. The northern hemisphere has a lot of white spots as seems to be clearing up.


May 15, 2008

Finally clear skies!  But seeing wasn't great because of a new storm in the northern Philippines.

The GRS, Red Jr and the STrZ LRS are visible in this image.  The SEB is very active from the activity of the SEB Outbreak.  The Oval BA looks very pale. The NEB is still very dark. 


May 7, 2008

The calm before the storm.  There is a tropical storm east of the Philippines.  This will become a typhoon this weekend.  Fortunately, it will only skirt the Philippine sea and head north. Seeing was average.

Lots of activity at the SEB!  The SED has reached the SEB  outbreak and is interacting with it!  Note that the color of the SEB has become dark red!  It also seems  that the GRS is interacting with the outbreak!

Note the band at  forming at the STB!  The EZ is very pale with only a slight hint of yellow.  The blue festoons are  not very prominent.  Note the huge reddish oval at the NNTB!!



May 5, 2008

It was cloudy when I woke up this morning.  But it cleared after a new minutes. 

The 3 Red spots are visible in this image.  The GRS is setting.  Red Jr looks very pale!  The STrZ little red spot looks very dark red!  It now has a wake.  This seems to be a very powerful storm system!  All 3 red spots are getting closer to each other!

The SEB is very busy with a lot of activity!  The NEBs is very dark red while NEBn seems to have a lighter color.  NEBn has some large white spots and prominent dark ovals.


May 1, 2008

Seeing was good this morning.  But it was partially cloudy and a thunder storm was threatening on the east.  Transparency was poor because of thin clouds.  I was still able to scrape a decent image of Jupiter.

The SEB outbreak can be seen setting on the left.  The shadow of Io is at the NEBn.   Except for the SEB outbreak, Jupiter looks quiet at this region.



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