JUPITER: June 2008

By Christopher Go


June 26, 2008

Seeing was very good this evening but transparency was bad because of clouds.

The SEB has a lot of complex activity.  Note the dark spots at the mid-SEB just before the CM.

THe NEB has a lot of white spot activity!  Is the rift redeveloping.  Europa is just north of the NEB and is following it's shadow.!  Note the dark oval at the NEBn.  Note also the large white ovals at the NEBn. 

The white bar of the NNTZ is fading and note the dark formation on it's southern edge.

The southern polar area is notable dark.


June 23, 2008

I'm back from my trip to China.  But Typhoon Fengshen came.  It was devastating here in the Philippines.  Many Filipinos died especially when a ferry overturned 200 miles north of my area.  My buddy Tomio's C14 was also a casualty.  It fell off it's mount and the corrector and tube broke.  This is really painful because of the excellent IR, UV and CH4 images that Tomio contributes.

The SEB is very busy.   Note the STrZ Oval.   The STB blue remnant is prominent.  Note also the white spot at the NTB.

The NEB outbreak can be seen rising on the right.  Note the dark red spot at the NEBn north of the outbreak.  Note the huge white spot at the NNTB.


June 9, 2008

Condition was perfect this morning!  I will be traveling to Hong Kong and Southern China today so there will be no more images till this Sunday.

The SEB Outbreak is really very complex.   The bluish STB remnant can be seen in this image.

Note the elongated dark oval on the NEBn.  This is the product of the merged ovals.  White Oval Z can be seen rising on the right.

 Note that the NNTZ is slowly turning dark.  It is no longer bright white as before.


June 8, 2008

The sky was clear when I woke up.  After taking a few images, clouds rolled in!  Since the 3 Red spots were transiting, I waited for the clouds to pass.  It took almost an hour for the clouds to pass!  Seeing was very variable from poor to good.

The NNTB LRS is visible in the 1st image.  The white spot that was close to it has disappeared!  It has probably merged with the LRS.

The GRS, BA and the STrZ RO are vey close now.  Note that while BA is pale orange, it seems to have expanded!  The phenomenon seem to occur when it has a conjunction with the GRS.  The SEB following the GRS is very busy!

The NEB is  quiet.  The NEBs is darker than the NEBn.  The NTB is not very formed in this region.  Note the small white spot forming at the NEBs  after the CM of the 1st image.

June 7, 2008

Condition was variable today.  It started with a lot of clouds and low transparency.   But conditions improved as Jupiter when higher in the sky.

These images feature the complex SEB Outbreak and the bright NEB outbreak.  4 white spots are lined up at the SSTB.

The SEB outbreak is very interesting.  Most of the outbreak material is in the SEBn.  While there are dark red spots and white spots at the mid-SEB.

The NEB outbreak is also very interesting.  Note how bright it is.  Also note the knot like wake!  Note the "disturbance" like feature associated with a small dark spot at the NEBn.

The NTB is very quiet.

June 6, 2008

It was mostly cloudy today.  I had to image between clouds.  Seeing wasn't great either, just average.

Note the complex SEB disturbance leading up to the GRS on the left.   Note the yellow green feature on the SEBn.  This is where the SED meets the SEB outbreak!  The STrZ Oval 1 looks like it's fading.  The SEBn/EZ border looks complex in this image.

The dark ring around the white oval looks very interesting.  This feature has been prominent during the past few weeks.  Note the long FFR above this feature.

The NEB looks very quiet here. 


June 4, 2008

Another thrilling morning!!  The sky started clear but thunderclouds appeared.  Seeing was perfect but transparency was poor.  5 minutes after my last image, it rained HARD!!

The SEB is very busy because of the outbreak.   Note the greenish feature at the area where the SEB outbreak meets the SED!!    The EZ is really very busy!

Note the bluish feature at the STB.  There are some white  spots lining up at the STB.    Note the NNTZ is really getting darker.

Note the NEBn dark red barges.  I think the one close to the CM are colliding!  The NEB is really very dark red.  Note the features on the area close to the north polar region!

June 3, 2008

The sky was clear this morning.  Sadly seeing was just average only 7 to 8.  This is probably because of the northerly wind.  Seeing is never great when the GRS is around.  Sigh!

The 3 major red spots of Jupiter is clearly visible in this image.  In fact, even a hint of the NNTB LRS is visible setting on the left.  All 3 spots are getting very close to each other!

 Note the bright batch at the EZs just before the GRS.  Is this the SED?  The festoon activity at the EZ has returned.  Note the major festoons appearing at the northern edge.

The NNTZ seems to be fading a little bit.  It is not as bright white as before.

June 2, 2008

It was a little scary this morning.  Jupiter was just 20 degrees above a big storm cloud.  There was thunder and lightnight!  Fortunately, seeing was very good and transparency perfect.

These are some of my best image s this season.  Note the activity on the SEB.  There are a lot of small red and white spots on the SEB.  While the SEBn  has some parts of the SEB outbreak.

Io can be seen at the NEBn.  Io's shadow is on the left.  Note the white oval Z on the NEBn.  Note the bluish feature at the center of this oval!  The NEB outbreak can be seen rising on the right.

Note the detail on the northern hemisphere!  There are a lot of tiny white spots and other interesting features.



June 1, 2008

Transparency was not good this morning because of thin clouds.  Seeing was just average.

It is very nice to see the shadows of Ganymede and Europa at the same note.  Note how huge the shadow of Ganymede is compared to that of Europa.  Note also some details on the disk of Ganymede.

The 3 red spots are setting in this image.  Note the STB white oval with a dark ring at the CM.  The STrZ-1  oval seems to be fading.  The SEB outbreak is really huge.



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