The eclipsed sun rises over Leyte Island as seen in Cebu City.  5:23am 1/500sec exposure


 A partial solar eclipse was seen here in Cebu City.  All photos were taken using my Astrophysics AP130 EDF working at f/12 with the use of an AP 2X convertible barlow.  I used a Kodak Pro Image 100 film and a Baader Planetarium Photographic Density Solar Filter Material mounted on my homemade fiberlgass mount.  The eclipse started at 5:02am local time which is before sunrise.  Sunrise here in Cebu occurred at 5:22am.  Maximum eclipse was at 6:00:55 local time with the moon covering 79.8% of the sun.  The eclipse ended at 7:04am local time.


More Sunrise Pics.

This picture was taken during maximum eclipse at 6:00:55am.  1/2000 sec exposure.

Photo Taken at 6:24am. 1/4000 sec exposure.

6:49am.  1/4000 sec exposure.  Note the sunspots!!

  Copyright 2002 Christopher Go