DPS 2008

This year's DPS meeting was held at Cornell University at Ithaca, NY.  Fall colors was in full swing during the time of the meeting.  The fall colors with the waterfalls in the Ithaca area made for a stunning scenery.

I flew in from San Diego to Rochester, NY.  Since I arrived late, I stayed overnight in Rochester.  I drove to Ithaca from there. 

The oral session was held in the Statler Hotel at Cornell while the poster sessions were at the Barton Hall.

For my  poster please go to this link.

October 12 

I drove from Victor, NY where I stayed overnight to Ithaca early this morning.  I drove down the western shore of Lake Cayuga towards Ithaca which is located at the southern edge of Lake Cayuga.  It was a very pleasant drive.  There was no traffic as it was Sunday morning.  Trees displayed stunning fall colors.

My first stop was Taughannock Falls which is located around just northwest of Ithaca.    I then went to Cornell to set up my poster and attend the oral lecture of Imke de Pater.  Her talk was on last year's ring place crossing of Uranus. 

After lunch, I went to  the Buttermilk Falls state park and the Robert H. Treman state park.  At around 3:30pm, I went back to Cornell for our poster presentation.  I met Frank Melillo of ALPO there.  I also met my friend Chad Trujillo who co-discovered dwarf planet Eris.  Chad and I did some work with the Gemini Observatory in 2006 on Red Jr.

I had dinner with Frank this evening.

Waterfalls at the Buttermilk Falls State Park.

Barton Hall

With my poster.

With Chad Trujillo of Gemini  Observatory

Frank Melillo at  his poster.

Imke de Pater

October 13 

Went to Cornell early this morning to attend the oral on outer planets.  There interesting talks on Jupiter's 3rd red spot.  I had lunch with my group at a Japanese restaurant in College town.  In the afternoon,  I did my  short talk on my poster.  In the evening, our group (Phil, Mike, Xylar and me) together with Agustin Sanchez-Lavega's group and some friends  went out for a dinner at the Boathouse Grill.  The seafood was great and we spent the night talking about atmospheres!

Poster Area

Giving my Poster talk.

My friend Kunio Sayanagi of Caltech giving his talk.

with Peter Read and Glenn Orton of JPL

Statler Hall

Dinner at the Boathouse Grill!

October 14 

The outer planets lecture filled the whole morning.   There was a lot of interesting things of Jupiter especially with the campaign by Amy Simon-Miller and her group on the encounter of the GRS and Red Jr.  In the after, I attended  the IOPW meeting.  I gave a talk on the SEB  Fade Revival Cycle.  After the lecture, I drove back to Rochester for my flight back to San Diego.