DPS 2007 Meeting Orlando, FL Oct 7-12

by: Christopher Go

More info on the DPS meeting at: http://physics.ucf.edu/DPS07/

You can get my poster at: http://astro.christone.net/dp39/dps07.pdf

Day 4

I went to the DPS early today and met with Johan Warell of Uppsala University in Sweden.  We talked about Mercury imaging which I might do next month.  The big event of the day was the banquet.  Most of my group though went to Cape Canaveral to watch the launch of the Atlas V rocket.  I already paid $50 for the banquet so I'm stuck to it.  It is interesting to see personalities here in the DPS. I saw Michael Brown the discoverer of dwarf planet Eris at the poster area.  During the banquet I was with Kunio and his boss Timothy Dowling of the University of Louisville.  This will probably be my last day here at DPS.  I'm preparing to fly home tomorrow.

With Friends at my poster: Scott Eddington of JPL, Kunio, Adam Showman of University of Arizona,  and Yohai Kaspi of MIT Michael Brown at the Poster Area.  Mike Brown discovered the dwarf planet Eris. Joe Harrington of UCF at the Banquet.

Bro Guy Consolmagno (right) of the Vatican Observatory and this year's DPS chairman at the banquet. Humberto Campins (right) of UCF the Local Organizing Committee Chairman celebrating at the banquet. Rosen Center.

Day 3

The highlight today was the New Horizons Jupiter report.  It was exciting to see the latest New Horizons image.  Sadly this session occurred at the same time as  the Mars Rovers report.  I really wanted to go to both but ended up sticking with New Horizons.  The images from New Horizons is stunning!  I had lunch with Kunio and Richard Schmude.  In the afternoon, we had poster presentation and I have my 2 minute overview of my poster.  I got to meet J. Kelly Beattie of Sky and Telescope and Emily Lakdawalla of Planetary Society. 

New Horizon's presentation Alan Stern and John Spencer (back) of SWRI reporting on New Horizons. Poster Presentation began today!

Explaining the upheaval to Kevin Baines of JPL. With my co-Author Padma Yanamandra Fisher (left) of NASA's JPL and Gordon Bjoraker of NASA's GSFC. Here is what Mike Wong looks like after getting some beer!

Day 2

I went to the DPS meeting early today. There was an excellent presentation on Jupiter's atmosphere.  My poster was finally up at noon!  Thanks to Joe Harrington from UCF for taking care of this.  Richard Schmude of ALPO finally arrived today!  I also attended some presentation on Iapetus and I was just stunned by the latest Cassini images.  In the evening, we had an IOPW meeting.  I gave a talk on the global upheaval of Jupiter.  Most of the people involved in outer planets was there.  Agustin gave an interesting talk on the southern hemisphere upheavals and presented some interesting Voyager images!  I had dinner with my group at the hotel buffet!

My poster is finally up!! Discussion at my poster.  From the left: Xylar, Phil, Glenn, Imke and me. Dinner after IOPW.   Cheers!  From the left: Me, Phil Marcus, Mike Wong, Xylar Asay Davis and Imke.

IOPW group heads.  Richard Schmude of ALPO Glenn giving a talk

Day 1

It's DPS 2007meeting  here in Orlando, Florida.  I arrived early on Oct 5.  DPS started in the afternoon of Oct 7.  The meeting is held at the Rosen Center.  When I arrived, I was horrified to find out that my poster was not printed by Kinko's.  Fortunately, Joe Harrington of University of Central Florida (UCF), which is this year's local organizing committee (LOC) fixed things for me.  I should have my poster ready probably tomorrow.  I signed my and saw my old friend Glenn Orton of JPL.  I also met Al Conrad of Keck Observatory.  We went to the welcome reception at the Rosen School of Hospitality Management.  The food was incredible there.  I sat with Al Conrad at first then talked with the IOPW guys Agustin Sanchez and Ricardo Huesco.  I also had a chat with Alan Stern who is the PI of New Horizon but now works for NASA HQ.   I went back to the Rosen Center early and met Imke de Pater at the bus stop.  I was too tired and full to go back though. 

Science program starts tomorrow.  I'm doing a poster on the Global Upheaval of Jupiter!  A special thanks to Jason Higley for taking most of these pictures!

With Al Conrad of Keck Observatory With Dr Alan Stern, PI of New Horizons Pluto Express and now Assistant NASA Administrator. IOPW guys Agustin Sanchez and Ricardo Huesco

The Reception With  Glenn Orton of JPL and the new Dr Kunio Sayanagi of University of Louiville.